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Mark Mandel

Developer Advocate for Games for Google Cloud Platform and one half of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast

You Can’t Just Add More Servers

Spoken of in whispers, the occasional multiplayer game launch does not go as planned. Issues with account logins, inabilities for players to be matchmade in a timely manner, and server responsiveness has sometimes plagued even the most robust of game studios.

Soon screams of disappointment are heard far and wide, as frustrated gamers in their throes of agony cry out at their inability to access the one true game that they have longed to play for eons.

“Why don’t they just add more servers?” is heard in lands near and far. Yet silence, is often the reply.

But is it truly that simple? Come to this talk to see that the stories passed down from gaming elder to child about this seemingly simple solution to all multiplayer gaming woes are more myth than reality. From a variety of perspectives we will look at the reasons why if the great creators of games could simply “add more servers”, they would - and the reasons why this seemingly silver bullet is not available to even those with such amazing powers.

Mark Mandel is a Developer Advocate for Games for Google Cloud Platform and one half of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast. Hailing from Australia, Mark built his career developing backend systems for over 15 years and authoring and contributing to several widely adopted open source projects.  When he’s not building infrastructure in the cloud for games, he’s constantly looking for new and interesting things he can do with Docker containers, playing with his dog and reading too much fantasy literature.

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