11:00 Am

Welcome Back to Play NYC

11:20 Am

Killer Queen Black

11:55 Am

Graffiti Games

12:15 pm

Spiritsphere DX

12:40 PM

Graffiti Games

1:00 PM

Play NYC IRL with Swiftor

1:35 PM

The Polygon Show Pt. 1

2:10 PM

The Ultimate Clap Back

2:35 PM

Justice Royale

3:00 PM

The Polygon Show Pt. 2

3:35 PM

Narcos: Cartel Wars

3:55 PM

Lamplight City

4:15 PM

Dunk Lords

4:35 Pm

Punch Planet

4:50 PM

Best Games of 2018 (So Far)

5:25 PM

Radical Spectrum Vol. 3

5:45 pm


5:55 pm

IGDA Keynote

6:15 pm

Red Hot Ricochet

6:40 pm


7:15 PM

Day 1 Wrap Up

11:00 AM

Welcome to Day 2

11:20 AM


11:40 AM

The Power of Game Jams

12:00 PM

Quiplash Matchup

12:35 PM

The Take

12:55 PM

Imposter Drawster

1:15 PM


1:35 PM

Perception VR & Dark Web

2:10 PM

Next Up Hero

2:30 PM

Killer Snails

2:50 PM

*Special Announcement*

3:10 PM

Tweet Star

3:30 PM

Maui Wowie Smashup

3:50 PM

Depths of Sanity

4:15 PM

Kingdom Bash

4:45 PM


5:05 PM

Road to Just Cause 4

5:40 PM

The Hologram is Here!

6:15 PM

You can build games, too.

6:35 PM

The State of Games in NYC

6:55 PM

That's a Wrap!

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