Cara Hillstock
To Be With You
Cara Hillstock

Cara Hillstock is somewhat of a jack of all trades. Primarily she is a writer and narrative designer most known for directing and being lead writer on Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club. She streams narrative-based/chill games on Twitch, focusing on developing an inclusive and compassionate LGBT+ friendly community. Her list of past odd jobs includes experimental theater director, debt collector, newspaper editor, IT technician, podcast host, film actress, and anonymous video editor/performer named “Miss Editor.” Born in Germany and living all across America, she currently calls the Greater Seattle Area home, where her amazingly helpful roommate enables her to work around her chronic illnesses, and her pesky old cat drives her crazy.

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About the game

Content Warnings: Mental illness, emotional abuse, gaslighting, divorce. After finally moving in with her childhood friend and long-distance boyfriend James, Alsie finds herself struggling to keep their relationship together. Can you help her save this relationship from ruin? To Be With You is a semi-autobiographical interactive visual novel exploring one woman's journey through a relationship that seems to be falling apart. Over the course of her time with James, Alsie must come to grips with her past and present if she wants to create a better future. The game has multiple endings and is roughly an hour-long (variable according to reading speed).


Mouse Controls: Left Click - Advances dialogue and activates the interface. Middle Click - Hides the user interface. Right Click - Access the game menu. Mouse Wheel Up - Rolls back to earlier dialogue. Mouse Wheel Down - Rolls forward to later dialogue. Keyboard Controls: Enter - Advances dialogue and activates interfaces. Space - Advances dialogue without selecting choices. Arrow Keys - Navigate the interface. Escape - Accesses the game menu. CTRL - Skips dialogue when held down. Tab - Toggles dialogue skipping. Page Up - Rolls back to earlier dialogue. Page Down - Rolls forward to later dialogue. H - Hides the user interface. S - Takes a screenshot. V - Toggles assistive self-voicing.

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