2018 Headliners


8 creators, 6 games, 4 continents, 1 community


Like graffiti on a wall, the “Graffiti Games” installations are created exclusively for Play NYC to surprise guests with experiences like no other, around every corner. This year, Playcrafting is partnering with the International Game Developers Association Foundation (IGDA Foundation)  and the Bigglesworth Family Foundation to bring the installations to life inside of the six opera boxes that frame Manhattan Center’s historic Hammerstein Ballroom stage for up to 10,000 attendees to discover. The installations and their developers will also be featured on Play NYC’s Twitch stream for thousands more to see.

This Year's Graffitti Games:

Take a sneak peek.

The ‘Graffiti Games’ initiative was launched at Play NYC last year to celebrate all-star developers, giving them free reign to create original games that reflect their creativity and personal stories

Who's who

The Llama Express -
• Pilar Aranda, Planeta.cc , Mixed Reality (Valencia, Spain)
Saúl Peña Gamero, VR Developer, The Glimpse Group (Lima, Peru)

Play NYC Challenge -
• Jose Zambrano, Co-Founder, Stuido Studios (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela)

Home Stretch -
• Prashast Thapan, Multimedia Artist & Babycastles NYC Volunteer (New Delhi, India)

Bizarre Barber -
• Maria Mishurenko, Independent Game Developer & MFA candidate at the NYU Game Center (West Kazakhstan)
• Gordey Chernyy, Independent Visual artist, Game Developer, Live Performer & Creative Technologist (West Kazakhstan)

A Hero's Journey -
• Kurt Young, Founder & CEO, Mokuni LLC (Beijing, China)

127 BPM -
• Yuxin Gao, Multimedia Technician, Babycastles Gallery & NYU Game Center Master’s Degree Candidate (Hohhot City, China)
• John Bruneau, Arist, Educator, Curator, Coder

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