Volla VR
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About the game

Imagine this: a fast paced fighting game meets tactical shooter infused with a ball sport. Everyone’s in VR free to roam, engaging in close quarter combat in a highly stylized virtual arena. Taking cues from competitive sports such as Boxing, Olympic Handball and Basketball, this arena style projectile fighting game is built from the ground up as the ultimate team-based vSport. Polish your skill at home or clan up and engage in in-person competition. Volla is a game for bold strategists and fearless fighters who are willing to claim victory at all cost. With the launch of Volla and the VR Diamond League, we are cultivating a space for the next elite athlete.

ABOUT the developer

VR Diamond League is an esports organization built at the intersection of education, lifestyle and competitive gaming. We are in the pursuit to provide an authentic experience for our fans and help cultivate the next elite athlete. As a cohort of game designers, developers and traditional athletes, we aim to create competitive spatial games that will push VR esports into a lane of its own. VRDL is a league not just about the future vision of virtual athletes, technology, prize pools and trophies, but building community, legends, champions on the field of play and champions in life.

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