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About the game

Swordswallower is a surreal, psych-goth action platformer where you play as a statue come alive. You traverse and fight only by throwing a 10-foot-long enchanted sword and accelerating toward it with tremendous force. Speed and ferocity mean everything; anything could be a deadly threat. Using your sword, you explore a mysterious surreal fantasy labyrinth that unfolds in every direction, chasing down the evil queen who locked you in a tower.

ABOUT the developer

We are Julia Del Matto and Uti Azulay, two recent NYU Game Design grads based in Brooklyn. We’ve been friends for years and are really excited to continue working on Swordswallower as part of the NYU Game Center Incubator. We’re really inspired by surreal, dark, horror art and aim to reflect that in our game: think Zdzisław Beksiński meets David Lynch with a sprinkle of Francisco Goya.

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