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About the game

Belief in your people, the Steepseers, is fading. Should it run out, you will fade too. Set off as one of the last four Steepseers and change your fate by inspiring the people to believe again. Brew teas to see visions of the future within the steam, and save your kind before it’s too late. Steeping is believing in this ingredient gathering and vision crafting board game for 1-4 players.

ABOUT the developer

KinSoul Studio is made up of a group of good friends with a strong passion for gaming. We understand the love and excitement players can have for the worlds developed in games, and we aim to provide our players with the richest of experiences. We are all fairly new to the development side of gaming, and are quickly learning the in's and out's. So far our individual professions have not included game design, but we believe that having our variety of perspectives, skills, and strengths is what will help us create some amazing gaming adventures.

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