Scrap Bringer
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About the game

Scrap Bringer is a 90’s inspired cartoon beat ‘em up. Punch your way through streets of a war torn mega-city in fast paced combat. Discover a wide array of unique abilities & combos moves to lay waste against swarms of enemies. Hone your skills to overcome challenging boss fights. Help the city people rise up against the threats ravaging their homes and uncover the secrets lurking on every block.

ABOUT the developer

PseuzoZap is a NY/NJ based indie game studio comprised of Peter Mosur and Konrad Messyasz, two cousins who share a love for great video games. With Konrad handling all the visuals and Peter working on the programming, the two came together to design Scrap Bringer as their first title, a wacky cartoon beat ‘em up heavily influenced by the city they grew up so close to.

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