Rainy City: Pandemic
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About the game

Rainy City: Pandemic is set in 2030. The pandemic was never eliminated and is still hanging around. You work for Betty's to deliver groceries and pizza to customers around the city, each with their own stories about their changed lives. Your sister Naomi has been showing signs of illness, and you must make enough deliveries to earn money to get Naomi into treatment before it's too late.

ABOUT the developer

LunaBeat Games (Scott Adelman & Laura Tallardy) has been a game development team since 2012. They’ve published over 50 mobile apps for children and family audiences for iOS and Android, and 2 VR games for the Vive and Oculus Rift (“Cinderella VR” and “Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80’s”). Their games have over 10 million downloads collectively. Their latest game is scheduled for release in summer 2020- “Rainy City: Pandemic” for PC and Mac. Laura is from the NYC area and Scott is from Portland, OR.

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