Perfectly Perilous Provisions
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About the game

Perfectly Perilous Provisions is a co-op, physics-based cookery game with an eldritch twist. Think Human: Fall Flat wobbles into Overcooked and serves up a side of Takeshi’s Castle slapstick in a Victorian town. Players waddle their way to the top of the culinary world and become the ones serving the eldritch beings, lest they be served to them. Featuring rich story, goofy cooking mechanics and frantic mini-games for one or two players.

ABOUT the developer

Cat and Tonic Studios is a husband and wife team of ex-scientists, currently based in Okinawa, Japan. We focus on co-op orientated experiences that place both players at the forefront of the story. We love aesthetics which have delight in their darkness and rich story lines.

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