Never Go Home
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About the game

Fifty years ago, Oyanumi Corporation's research vessel, the Aeternum disappeared without a trace, during a test of their new Dispatar Jump Drive. Fifty years later, a radio signal matching terrestrial origins were detected. The signal is that of an Oyanumi Distress Beacon. You, the Captain of the converted hauler-now-frigate Geryon, have been contracted by Oyanumi Corporation to determine the origin of the signal and uncover the truth behind the Aeternum Incident. Can you discover the truth? Can you survive the horrors of space? Will you make it back home?

ABOUT the developer

Goodnight Games is a Manhattan game studio dedicated to making both weird and interesting games. Founded 7 years ago in a Barns and Noble basement, Goodnight Games has gone on to release 10 games for mobile platforms before making the transition into PC game development with Never Go Home.

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