Mission to Planet Hexx
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About the game

A mid-range Retro-Style Space Adventure Board-and-Card Game in one for 2-4 players ages 10 & up. Players cooperatively build a unique board of space and planets, then race against each other around the universe, collecting "Data" to pay to upload different cards to their Mission Files, and using Event cards to speed themselves up or slow others down. The first player to complete their Mission File wins!

ABOUT the developer

Move Rate 20 Games is a group of tabletop gaming fans from the southeastern Massachusetts area, who decided to turn that love into active participation in the board game industry in 2015. Rob, Steve, James, and Jim have a shared love of board, card, and role-playing games, and have known each other for years through Rob’s gaming store, Rivendell Books & Games in Rehoboth, MA. In addition to Mission to Planet Hexx, Move Rate 20 Games is the creator of Master of Spies, Sundae Drivers, and the upcoming Ruthless Old Prospectors, winner of the Best Game in Development at the 2019 Boston Festival of Indie Games.

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