Make Ends Meet
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About the game

Make Ends Meet is a mobile puzzle game set in the Roaring 20s – complete with smooth jazz, sleazy businessmen, and predatory capitalism! Draw your rope around different circles to collect all the colors you need to make it to the next level – but be careful, you only have so much rope! Save up extra color for tough times ahead, or take out loans for extra rope to help when things look bleak.

ABOUT the developer

Zwinzler Games is an all-women, majority LGBTQ+ indie studio. We are an unfunded organization – just three friends who spend their time making games! All our games are based on real-world issues that we care about, and we hope that our games inspire empathy and a more complex understanding of the world today. We are all self-taught game developers, and do all of the coding, art, music, marketing & social media. Our team started off as friends/percussionists who met in marching band in college, and now we’re releasing our second game as a company! Team Members: Audrey Winzeler, Katie Zaback, Heather Sounik

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