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About the game

LetterBound is a cooperative spelling adventure that can be played locally with up to four friends. The game features a full length campaign, a competitive battle mode, and an educational mode for parents and teachers to practice spelling with their children. The game is inspired by 1920's newspaper printing factories and features trains, skyscrapers, zeppelins, hover cars and more. The perfect mix for those who love playing word games with loved ones on their couch!

ABOUT the developer

Seattle based Hunt & Peck Games is owned and operated by Rusty McLellan and is supported by other local artists, friends and family. Established in early 2020, Hunt & Peck’s goal is to make family friendly cooperative games for people of all ages. It’s first title, LetterBound, harnesses the spirit of beloved word games and marries it to the fast paced gameplay of modern day couch co-ops. Whether you're a word maestro or just trying to improve your spelling game, the studio hopes it’s first title will bring a smile to your face!

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