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About the game

Dust off your floppy disks, listen to your hard drive spin up, and recoil in horror at flesh-wearing robots bent on destroying everything in KUR. A new take on the 90’s shooter, KUR really lets you put the boot to your enemies - literally - you can slide and kick your way out of most situations, and if that doesn’t work there’s always the arsenal you carry with you. The stylized graphics and dark humor feel right at home in the fight against the computerized legions.

ABOUT the developer

Really Ragdoll Studios is based out of Seattle, WA. Founded in 2018 by Brian and Kehran, who met at programming school, they are currently working on their first title, 'Kur.' The team is inspired by some of the generation-defining games of the 90s and 2000s, whose spirits drive the creative energy behind 'Kur.' Brian is a Navy veteran with a math degree who works as an engineer by day and game dev by night. Kehran is a self-taught game developer from Seattle who has a passion for creating unique and engaging gaming experiences. By focusing on game design, Really Ragdoll aims to develop games that leave a strong impression on players while keeping them coming back for more.

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