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About the game

A fledgling Anagativan warrior is called by the sacred crystals to prove her worth. Beneath the spectral moonlight of Ailur, a wicked sickness begins to stir. Are these monstrosities all just part of the test, or is there something more sinister at play? Kristala—a dark fantasy-action RPG—fuses fast 3D combat with smart storytelling and rich RPG mechanics. Uncover and upgrade a multitude of weapons, spells, and items as you explore a fantasy world shrouded in mystery.

ABOUT the developer

Astral Clocktower Studios is an independent game development studio based in Central PA. We're currently hard at work crafting our inaugural project, Kristala. We do what we do on a daily basis for you: the gamers, the tinkerers, the toilers. The critical thinkers and the curious-minded. The daydreamers and the explorers. The imagineers.

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