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About the game

Inequality-opoly: The Board Game of Structural Racism and Sexism in America is an educational experience that transforms recent national studies into an engaging and personalized perspective-taking experience. Inequality-opoly was made to transform boring diversity and inclusion trainings into an engaging, personalized, and educational experience that unfolds over time. Unlike most diversity trainings, many Inequality-opoly participants purchase the game to play at home with their families and friends. Since this game is based on a classic American property trading game, there is not a steep learning curve to pick up this game.

ABOUT the developer

Perry Clemons is an educator and current game creator from Harlem, NY. The idea for Inequality-opoly came when Perry attended diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings. During these trainings, Perry noticed the difficulties the facilitators faced in demonstrating the effect of racial and gender discrimination in a way that is engaging and personalized to all the people in the room. As an educator for over a decade, he knows the best way to teach or reinforce something is to make it a game. He thought that gamifying diversity training would make for deeper understanding and richer discussions. He hopes to one day start his own education company leveraging the immense power to make positive social impact.

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