Floppy and the Sleepy Planet
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About the game

After generations of rest, Floppy the robo-bunny and his companion Kara wake up to find their home, the Sleepy Planet, in despair. The ancient Guardians that once helped maintain their flourishing planet have let their minds wander, forgetting their responsibilities. Discover the planet’s secrets, recover your memories, and help the Guardians bring the planet back to its former beauty. Help Floppy hop, float and burrow through inter-connected scenic worlds, solving engaging puzzles through nonviolent approaches.

ABOUT the developer

Broad-Strokes LLC formed in 2017 with the idea to focus on family friendly stylized video game development that can be enjoyed by any age and demographic. While creating supplementary materials that focus on transmedia products to support the individual video game Ip’s. The studio is composed of passionate individuals who both work still in and out of the game industry while growing the company's first flagship Ip, Floppy and The Sleepy Planet.

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