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About the game

A visually stunning point-and-click game tackling the themes of tomorrow. The sweetness and creativity of Studio Ghibli, the setting and atmosphere of Blade Runner and the humor and game style of Monkey Island: these are the ingredients that inspired ENCODYA, a point-andclick adventure game set in a dystopian future.

ABOUT the developer

Chaosmonger Studio is a multimedia production company based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in the early 2000's in Bologna, Italy, by Nicola Piovesan, the company has nearly 20 years of experience in producing different kinds of entertainment. From documentaries, science fiction films and animations to music video, graphic design and video-games, Chaosmonger has created award winning content since its inception. With almost 100 awards in hundreds of festivals worldwide, including prestigious A-Series ones, Chaosmonger Studio is an eclectic reality, with an eye always focused on the future

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