Clutch: Battle in Your Pocket
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About the game

A quick 2-player battle game where each player takes a team of athletes trying to gain control of the only field in their town by either destroying the opponent’s base or benching the other team through exhaustion. This game is in a small form factor mint tin made to be played portability with friends and enemies alike. It can be taught in 5 minutes, and played on average 20-30 minutes. This game exclusively highlights female athletes from various sports and is inspired by both dodgeball and video game fighting games (like Marvel vs Capcom, King of Fighters). Clutch is different because it uses minimal components, beautiful illustrations, and familiar game mechanics for both board gamers and video gamers to enjoy.

ABOUT the developer

A small boutique game studio based out of New Jersey. The games vary in style, but our focus is on a great experience and value in the games we produce. The following projects are currently in progress and are subject to change before being released.

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