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About the game

Build-a-Dare is a tabletop party game where two teams compete for glory - or at least a good story - by attempting to carry out the strangest, silliest dares they can…while trying to dissuade their rivals from becoming too bold themselves! The game is intended to encourage players to be as silly as they want to, strategically disincentivizing pushing your limit (and/or comfort!) This helps let it be a perfect game for anything ranging from office ice-breakers, to family gatherings, to full-blown bachelor parties!

ABOUT the developer

Between being a fire performer and juggler, teacher, game designer, musician, and filmmaker, Justin has always found a way to keep the concept of play at the center of his life. These days he focuses on games, both extremely silly and serious alike. He completed his Master’s degree in Civic Media at Emerson College where he focused his studies on how to harness play’s potential for social good. For his thesis project, he designed a digital learning game for immigrants and refugees in Portland, Maine. In undergrad, he studied psychology and economics at Vassar College, though he half-jokes that his real major was in circus arts. His most influential subjects of the study were game theory, behavioral economics, positive and social psychology, and the gamification of learning.

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