Bouncy Beats
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About the game

Bouncy Beats is meant to be an example of what you can build yourself in Unity after completing the Playcrafting Unity Intro Course. Go from Zero to Hero in just 8 weeks by completing 4 games in just 8 weeks. Once you have gotten your hands dirty, you’ll be able to make games just like this one in no time! Click the link to check out the class!

ABOUT the developer

The Delve Bros are basically like if you took captain planet and then instead of magic rings you had sibling bonds and instead of saving the planet you just made good games. So basically not at all like captain planet. Anyway. The Delve Bros are three brothers from different walks of life coming together to make whimsical, joyous, and unconventional gaming experiences. We aim to make you laugh, and just maybe make you feel something too. So try out our games. Visit our site. And join our Discord to shout at us and make us feel silly.

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