Boomerang X
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About the game

Boomerang X is an arena shooter set in the ruins of a dead civilization. Though deserted, the ruins entomb the monstrous scourge that once assaulted them, and with the threat of this scourge rising up once again, the player is sent to these ruins to fight back the impending threat. Armed with a magical boomerang, the player fights through waves of monsters, descending deeper and journeying closer to the heart of the monsters’ power.

ABOUT the developer

DANG! was formed in the spring of 2018 by a group of friends who’d all just graduated from RPI’s game dev program. Having spent the last four years making games together and having a blast doing it, it seemed to them the only sensible thing to do. After spending a year on a game that ended up never finding its legs, the gang decided to switch gears in the summer of 2019, and so started work on the ultra-fast ultra-acrobatic arena shooter Boomerang X. Cut to another year later and things are on the up, with Boomerang X having found a publisher and the game well on its way to completion!

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