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About the game

BATSU! is an improv party card game based on the live Japanese game show in New York and Chicago. The show is full of hilarious improv challenges in which players are either funny or get punished! In the card game, a judge pulls an improv challenge and suggestion cards while the other players perform. The judge then selects who did the worst and deserves a BATSU! (meaning punishment in Japanese). Everyone wins, except the loser!

ABOUT the developer

Giant Fox Studios started in NYC back in 2011. They have been a long time member of the Playcrafting family and have shown a few different games at expos over the years. Even though they are a few states away now, they’ve partnered with the NYC-based improv group, Face Off Unlimited, to bring their hit Japanese game show to your living room. After a year of designing and developing the game, it was ready for sale! They sold almost 100 copies of the game at the live show before everything came to a screeching halt. COVID-19 hit, shutting the show down and halting sales. Now Giant Fox Studios and Face Off Unlimited are turning to Kickstarter to bring the game to a wider market and keep sales going during these difficult times. The cast of the show is so excited to be playing the game with some members of the Playcrafting community during our PlayNYC this year. You can check out more info about the game and get your copy at Thanks and we hope you enjoy our game!

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