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About the game

Afterplace is an upcoming adventurous indie game for mobile devices. It's a huge open world, full of hidden secrets, treasures, and creatures. You'll run around the woods, fight monsters, and talk to ostensibly shady characters! All from your pocket! Afterplace tries to impart the level of agency and movement you'd expect from a console experience, condensed down to a touchscreen form. The game boasts no map, and a plethora of hidden areas, items, and bosses.

ABOUT the developer

Afterplace is currently being made by one person, Evan Kice. A former software engineer from Austin TX, Evan quit his job (to the dismay of his friends and family) and has been working full time on Afterplace since early 2019. He plans for the game to be finished before the end of 2021, but might take some extra time give you a more fun, memorable world to play in.

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